Ananya's Nana Nani Homes

A Paradise for Senior Citizens

luxurious & peaceful

ensure comfort and care in your golden years

Ananya’s Nana Nani Homes

Nana Nani Homes is a gated retirement community, for senior citizens of age fifty and above.

Ananya’s Raintree

Raintree is an ultra luxury apartment, for people who prefer plush, contented lifestyle.

Ananya’s Nest

Ananya’s Nest is an upcoming luxury mansion, for people who wish for a comfortable stay.

"A fulfilling decade of rich experience in the real estate business has seen Ananya Shelters carve a niche for itself in the construction industry. Over thirty years of experience in manufacturing construction materials has indeed complemented our success as builders. Effective interaction with the public through our business activities has helped us bloom into a Company of high repute among the public and ignited our commitment towards them in all our endeavors. "

− Managing Director